Emma & Andrew at the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man - Madrid, June 21st

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From the loads of videos I watched with Jesse and Andrew, in this one you could really see how much they care about each other. It seems like Jesse enjoys making Andrew laugh. Every time he cracks a joke, he then stares at Andrew to see if he approves of it. It kills me catching Andrew give these little glances to Jesse. I wonder if he gets the same feeling that I do when I look at Jesse. :) And Armie seems to be enjoying the Jesse and Andrew friendship as much as me. It’s my favorite video with all of them in it. <3

Just some of the thoughts that go through my head when I watch this video.

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"When we came back to LA I was miserable. Andrew has a girlfriend here, so he wouldn’t spend every minute with me…"

—Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network DVD extras)
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he was saying something about how when david fincher throws you a cookie for doing so well, you gobble that shit up. man, he’s cute ;~;

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Could not unsee it.

(Original picture credit to charethcutestory)

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I am already used to these boys hanging out at the Academy already.


andrew is holding in those giggles , because he knows how lucky he is to have jesse as his date

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